Frietboerism releases: Frietboer – Freemoo (FBISM#004)

Frietboer/Thijs van den Bosch (31) is very experienced with atmospheric and distortion sounds/beats. “Freemoo” is the name of his new short album which contains 12 tracks and +/- 36 minutes of a fresh beats and sounds. Most of these instrumental tracks were created in june 2012. Frietboer decided to make the album mostly instrumental and by himself, rather then doing a project with alot of different musicians. Eigenheimer contributed to 2 tracks. A few terms to describe this Frietboerism new release are: lo-fi, beats, cassette-tapes, melanchollie and sometimes even a bit euphoric. The last track refers to Jimi Hendrix’ – Star spangled Banner, only this time with the dutch anthem. Enjoy the preview of the first track. Click 1 of the download buttons on this page to download the album.

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