Q&A with Soeki aka Dynamic Rhythm Composer

Soeki aka Dynamic Rythm Composer: is 1 of the finest dutch hiphop producers (SP1200) and very active in the scene. Below the Q&A beatmaker Frietboer made illustration by selecting a few tracks made by Soeki and mashed them up with a little extra crunch.

Q: Can you tell me what your greatest achievement (s) is / are to yourself and why?

A: Pfff … no idea. Usually the finished BEATS by me, are the ones which I am not satisfied with. You know?… it must be a product for the outside world ….. so so people mash up your BEATS tampered with by third parties (Ex. producers, engineers, a & r rats). So … no …. I am not satisfied on my presentation’s …. I am a BEAT CREATOR … and … rock since day 1 … LIVE. But … I am satisfied with several collaborations, moments with people …. My music is a part of my life and my emotional pattern. If you really know me, you recognize my BEATS production’s as how I am. An easy explanation would be… I am satisfied with my gift / talent … it’s my outlet. It will never be my 24/7 work … I’m too “honest” for that. Been There, Done That!

Q: Why did this particular beats from an oeuvre that dates back to 1984 (which I imagine is quite a big collection)

A: Ever … in 2011 …. someone said …. “Someone who keeps beats for himself … is wack … or a boner!” I did not respond … I just … thought: “Man! … I’ve been making beats since 1984 … maybe earlier …. but you do not even know … what, who or where I got my BEATS!” Ha! … Coincidence … almost everything is ONLINE …. and if you ask me … you also gets them for … free! What I mean is …. If you have a trade / profession … you need skills, basics and experience. So … I want my share BEATS … in a sense of … HATE IT or LOVE IT!

Q: What do the terms or hip hop and lo-fi for you?

A: HipHop ….. I was born in the year 1970 …. I was there … the birth of hip hop.
And … Lo-Fi ….. I do not know better … Less Is More! … And especially the analog hardware. Not made for hip hop. You can not explain by words. You have to see, feel and hear it for yourself.

Q: How would you describe your contribution to music, sound and performance?

A: No fuss …. Raw Noise … Overload …. …. no control.

Q: How can these last 3 elements combined in the future you want to see and experience other elements?

A: Nothing. I do not believe in the FUTURE. I hate change …… I am not like that.
I’m stubborn and I always know everything better. And …. tomorrow is another day. Or …. Man In A Bubble.

Martin Marsoeki Jr. aka aka Soeki DRC

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