V.A. – Frietboer Remixed And Covered

VA - Frietboer Remixed And CoveredFrietboer invited a big bad list of bands / musicians / producers to reinterpret original Frietboer tracks, also including work made under several different aliases. Genres: acoustic, drum n bass, punkrock, jungle, electronic, balad, breakcore, acid, beats.

Eigenheimer takes you into a spacy ambient cover of “Frietboer – Back Around”. Mr. & Mrs. Q made an acoustic cover of “Frietboer with Eigenheimer – Motie” with an uplifting vibe. Lukast proves himself yet again, remixing “Frietboer – B5” with fat drums and samples. Weerthof, as always, takes his songwriting very serious and delivers an almost completely new song named “Product”. Drug Culture made an acid track out of the skit “Thijs van den Bosch – Rappers in de Sneeuw (with Lamy Lame)”. Punk/rock band Plutonium covered “Thijs van den Bosch – Mijn Naam Is Onoog”. Strapatsen from Nijmegen (NL) made a thriving techno version of Frietboer’s – Heerlijk. Progresta, a producer hailing from Hungary, remixed “Frietboer – Blunt Hiphouse” into a somehow even more nervous version, that keeps you on your toes. Meatcorps made a crossbreed version of “Frietboer with Nerd Club Zuid – Aardewerk Zeker”, which is featured on the Fiks album. FFF, a pure amenbreakbeat lover from Rotterdam, jungles up “Frietboer – Happycholie”. And, last but not least, Wsicko of breakcore.nl will terrorise you with drumstorms on the “Frietboer – Klof” remix.

Get your first taste here… the acoustic version of Motie by Mr. and Mrs. Q:


Mr. and Mrs. Q – https://soundcloud.com/mrmrsq

Weerthof – https://soundcloud.com/weerthof

Lukast – https://soundcloud.com/lukast

Plutonium – http://plutonium.nl

Progresta (HU) – https://soundcloud.com/progresta

Eigenheimer –  https://soundcloud.com/eigenheimer-1

Drug Culture – https://soundcloud.com/drvgcvltvre

Strapatsen – https://soundcloud.com/randomramon

FFF – https://soundcloud.com/f-f-f

EXM – https://soundcloud.com/exmatproton

Meatcorps – https://soundcloud.com/meatcorps

Wsicko – https://soundcloud.com/wsicko



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