A few weeks untill “Fiks” release :)

“Fiks” is a musical-project where Frietboer (Thijs van den Bosch) worked on for a half year. Fiks means intens and/or heavy in Dutch. Genre of the project: Hardcore boombap and breaks. The method of working is simply starting of with a beat, then the vocalists and then additional musicians. Audio-visual production team: “Dubbele” did shoot a documentary about the project. A few ground-reasons for starting this project were: To expand his network, to learn from the people he chose to work with and offcourse having fun while fixing it.

Frietboer had the chance to work with the next vocalists: Master Surreal, De Gelogeerde Aap, Kensei, Rude – D, Heavy, Unannounced Guest, U.N.O.M, Brad Hamers, Pien Feith, Tens and Omi EKP. Further he worked with the following musicians: Nerd Club Zuid, Shycop, DJ Chainsaw, Stijn de Laat, DJ EZD, husc, DJ Mace, Orcha Dei, Hi-Fi Twin. There was also a visit at the studio of Eboman wich was a great experience, but Frietboer found out here, that he has no affinity with programming audio/visuals. So there is no audio material from this collab, but this visit is featured in the documentary wich can be  found athttp://www.vimeo.com/dubbele within a couple of weeks.

The “Fiks” album drops 31th of august 2011 at http://frietboerism.nl for free.
Frietboer likes to thank everyone who coörporated with this album and documentary

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